Edited 19.April.2008:

    My artwork is not stock imagery, so please don't treat it as such. No exceptions, please.

    In a nutshell:
    1. Don't alter/edit/mutilate my art.
    2. Don't claim it as your own.

    The following are fine as long as you don't alter my images.
    There's no need to contact me for permission:

    • Downloading my art for your personal viewing pleasure.
    • Using my artwork as your desktop image.
    • Printing out my art for your personal use (like putting it up on the wall of your room.)
    • Posting my art unaltered in a forum as part of the content of your post.
    • Displaying my artwork unaltered as part of a picture gallery. (It'd be nice if you gave credit.)

    I would ask that you please do NOT do the following:

    • Other than re-sizing, please do NOT alter/edit my art. Do not crop it. Do not change the colors. Do not draw on top of it. Do not remove my signature. Do not add text over it.
    • Do NOT use my artwork as part of your website/blog/myspace background or layout design.
    • Do NOT use my artwork for banners, avatars, sigs, and tubes.
    • Do NOT claim my artwork as your own.
    • Do NOT take my art without permission and sell it for profit.

    And for the following, it depends, so please ask me.
    Using my unaltered art as your RPG character.


    Do you take commissions or requests?
    I sometimes take commissions, depending on how much time I have. Sorry, I do not take freebie requests.

    What program/materials do you use for your artwork?
    Adobe Photoshop CS2, Wacom Intuos 2 tablet, and a mouse.

    Where did you go to art school?
    I didn't.

    How old are you?
    Erm.... Not saying. :-)

    What does "hakubaikou" mean?
    It means "white plum" in Japanese. It's from a quote from one of my favorite movies.


    Name:  C. Sun
    Age:  :-P
    Gender:  Female
    Location:  California, USA
    Likes:  Sci-fi/fantasy, anime, movies, drawing, reading, classical music, piano, ice cream, snow
    Dislikes:  Unpleasant people, onions, garlic, shopping, bugs, sock wrinkles, cell phones
    Occupation:  Freelance artist, cinematographer, website design.

ACCOUNTS at various websites

These are places I frequent on-line and my account name there.
    AnimeOnline.com -   hakubaikou (inactive)
    BlueCanvas.com -   hakubaikou (active)
    CGHub.com -   hakubaikou (active)
    deviantART.com -   hakubaikou (active)
    fanfiction.net -   hakubaikou (semi-active)
    GaiaOnline.com -   hakubaikou (semi-active)
    livejournal.com -   hb1 (inactive)

I do NOT participate in the following sites:

Although, you may find my artwork there, most likely posted without permission. For some reason, many Xanga users tend to hotlink and steal my art more than most sites. I have no idea why.

Contact: e-mail: art[at]hakubaikou[dot]com
Or send a note at hakubaikou.deviantart.com

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